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Each year, when the Christmas Lottery announcement is launched by surprise, we all have a very open hand to fan the cataract of good wishes, tearful stories, stone cardboard characters (yes, because inside they do not seem to have blood, if Not the threads that move them), depressing scenarios, gray tones and that final twist that, no matter how long we wait, always causes that salty liquid to appear between our eyes and the nose. The critics tear it apart, the audience surrenders to its feet. Who has not shared a viewing with their office mates around a computer? Who has not had to hear that “I liked the guy that was in a bar”? Who has not thought “pussy, this could happen to me and thus fix my life”?hremaera

Well once seen La La Land (The city of stars) this is how it is left to one’s body. With the feeling of having seen the announcement of the Lottery, for its good intentions, and above, apart from sharing it, we liked it very much. What is going countercurrent, total. Because the film could carry all kinds of sticks, all sorts of reproaches – then we will give some – but, what the hell, is much better than we are accustomed to see in the genre. Because, by parts, this is a musical, which is already a lot to say. And this is a genre that lends itself to controversy. When it does not directly generate allergies and rashes. Two hours of people singing and dancing? It starts to hum a melody, well, because it comes out to know where. Because it puts the script.

And, moreover, we are facing the clear definition of hype. That is, a movie that everyone talks about, to which everyone surrenders, but it is not clear if it is a mirage – like the lady who has touched the fat, the headlamp, but Is that no – or if there really is stuffing inside that precious packaging. It all began at the last Venice Film Festival, when the film uncovered the jar of the adjectives of critics from around the world gathered there. Watch La La Land Online And his female protagonist took the Volpi Cup for his work. Festivals are a place where movies are destroyed, a director’s international career can be truncated, myths born and hypes created. There, miles away from their homes, there is something like a free bar to speak with a license to criticize. So there was a certain caution before the adjective cataracts that pondered the new films, after the success of Whiplash, of Damien Chazelle.

The children prodigy, as is the case, have that. After a success they let them do whatever they want. And Chazelle has used to nail a musical, but the style that our grandparents (or great grandparents) in these double shows already deceased. That is, a love story, a story of people who pursue dreams, a story about the world of the spectacle … A moment: Singing in the rain? Yes, there are the shots. Touches adapt to the new times, Hollywood is eaten live aspiring actresses and bohemian musicians who play jazz are no longer the coolest guys in the city. And then there’s the boy knows girl, and everything else.

So Chazelle has not discovered anything, but has taken advantage of its previous hype – that it was – to make a film risky and almost round. He gets to thrill and palliate – as does a bag of sugar-laden trinkets – at once and that’s not a problem. A couple flying through the Rebel Planetarium without cause, proving their eternal love, filming that is to climb on a wire and not have a net underneath. But the director does well. It is also true that the film, until the two stars are not found, does not start. We have to eat three musical numbers that seem to be taken from a catalog of empty videos of pop hits. But, alas, when Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone meet for the first time, the magic comes, and the candy stops stuck in the throat.

There is chemistry between the stretching of the films of Nicolas Winding Refn, former child prodigy of the Disney Club, and the one who was girlfriend of Spiderman. Sparks fly when they start dancing and singing. That can not be denied. And the music of Justin Hurwitz does the rest. There is still a time – it premieres on January 13 – but it will not stop talking about La Land, now more than the time comes for nominations for fat awards. It will be in everyone. It does not matter, it’s like the Lottery announcement, you may like it more or less, but, in the end, everyone will see it, even if they confess they do not like it. The one who does not, misses one of the most delicious films (without being cheesy) that have been released in recent times. Even the grandmother of the lost lighthouse is going to have a good time seeing her.

Updated: December 5, 2016 — 3:52 am

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